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Everything about abortion in The Quran

Everything about abortion in The Quran

The Holy Quran does not explicitly mention abortion.

The killing of humans, except in cases of defence, self-defence, and capital punishment, is condemned but in terms of an unborn child, the act of abortion is not addressed.

Muslim views on abortion are therefore detailed by Hadith (sayings of Prophet Muhammad), and the opinions of esteemed legal and religious scholars.

According to Islamic law the human soul enters the foetus at around 120 days (4 months) from conception. This is based upon a Quranic verse and detailed text in Hadith that refer to the time Allah’s breath enters the foetus, transforming it into a living soul.

To perform an induced abortion after this point is banned; and would result in punishment from Allah in this world and the Hereafter.

To perform an abortion before this period however is allowed if necessary.

Concerning dangerous pregnancy complications, the mother’s life is valued above the life of the foetus. This is because the mother is believed to be the ‘original source of life’ whilst the foetus is the ‘potential life’.

With regard to rape cases, abortion is allowed if the foetus is less than 4 months old, or if it endangers the mother’s life in any way.

Muslim scholars also argue that abortion is permitted if a baby might have a lifelong sickness, disease, or deformity that would make its care exceptionally difficult for the parents.

Although there is no concrete approval of abortion in the Islamic world, there is no united ban on the practice either. Islam does not provide accurate directions with regard to the issue of abortion and its standing is based upon the knowledge and application of Sharia law, which may vary depending on the evidence being examined.

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Everything about abortion in The Quran
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Everything about abortion in The Quran

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