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Everything about alcohol in The Quran

Everything about alcohol in The Quran

The prohibition of alcohol appears in several separate verses in the Quran and revealed at different times.

At first, it is forbidden for Muslims to attend to prayers whilst intoxicated. A later verse reveals that alcohol contains some good qualities and some evil qualities as well, however the evil is greater than the good. Finally, scripture declares that intoxicants and games of chance are ‘abominations of Satan's handiwork’.

The verses within the Quran that forbid intoxicating substances are interpreted by Muslims with no exception to the type of intoxicating liquids available; covering the fermented, distilled, and brewed alcoholic drinks. Over the years, the list of intoxicating substances has come to include modern street drugs and the like. It is also understood that "if it intoxicates in a large amount, it is forbidden even in a small amount." For this reason, some Muslims avoid alcohol totally, even minute amounts used in cooking.

According to Quran and Sunnah (practices and traditions of the Prophet Muhammad), there is a curse attached to the ten people in connection with wine. These include:

The wine presser.

The wine manufacturer.

The wine taster.

The person who transports wine.

The person to whom it is transported.

The wine server.

The wine seller.

The merchant who profits from wine.

The person who buys wine.

The one for whom it is bought.

The purpose of the Quran warnings against intoxicants is to emphasize to Muslims that purity of mind is essential to achieve spiritual progress. Alcohol is the source of many individual and social ills and sinful behaviour. Shariah law looks to the Quran as its foundation for every prescriptive and proscriptive direction for Muslims.

It is against shariah to buy or sell grapes for the purpose of making wine and all forms of commerce that involves wine. Actions may also be taken to curb drunkenness, for instance, if a relative returns to the home drunk, the Muslim men of the household may give him forty lashes for it.

Although the Quran bans the use of alcohol in this life, the book goes on to describe rivers of wine that flow through paradise in the afterlife. Based on passages in the Quran, it is generally agreed that in paradise, wine does not cause intoxication.

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Everything about alcohol in The Quran
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Everything about alcohol in The Quran

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