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Allah (God)

Everything about Allah in The Quran

Everything about Allah in The Quran

The belief in one God is a well-defined characteristic of Islam, which views Allah, as the creator of all things.

The supreme God watches over all human events and is the source of comfort, peace, and the highest sense of virtue, nobility, and goodness.

Islam is crystal clear in upholding the belief in one eternal, incomparable God. Only one God exists, and the worship of idols is the greatest sin. Both Abraham in the Holy Quran and Jeremiah in the Holy Bible, dispute the act of worshiping idols created by human beings who possess the wisdom to create that which they decide to worship.

The idea of a two- fold God is also rejected by the Quran (a powerful God of good and a powerful God of evil) and contends that both good and evil generate from Allah’s creative act. Evil forces exist but do not possess the power to create.

Allah is not a tribal, localised, or provincial God but, a universal God, an absolute divinity encompassing all affirmative principles.

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Everything about Allah in The Quran
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Everything about Allah in The Quran

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