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Alternative Religions

Everything about the Alternative Religions in the Quran

Everything about the Alternative Religions in the Quran

The Holy Quran credits the former books of divine revelation that predate it, namely; the Jewish Torah, and the Christian Gospel.

The Quran attributes the Torah and the Bible to their unique origin of revelation from the same God that is the almighty Allah.

Quranic scripture takes this relationship further by recounting events and individuals that originated in the Jewish Torah, and Christian Gospel; a direct result of this origin is further evidenced by the appearance of over 50 individuals from Biblical Scripture that appear in the Holy Quran.

Many of these Quranic accounts (Moses, Jesus, Noah…etc.), share very similar narratives to that of the Gospel, with some alternating reports that range from favourable (some people described as prophets and righteous people), to less than flattering (a generalised view of Jews and Christians as unfaithful and seeking to profit from Scripture).

Nevertheless, Moses is mentioned more times in the Quran than any other individual.

Jesus Christ is mentioned more often than the Prophet Muhammad, and Mary, is mentioned more in the Quran, than in the New Testament Bible.

Muslims believe this abundance of similarities is due to their common divine source, Allah.

The difference being that the quran has remained true and untouched, whilst the original Jewish and Christian texts, though authentic and divine initially, have regrettably failed to retain their divine purity over time, becoming corrupted by their non-Muslim editors.

The Holy Quran was revealed 600 years after the Gospel, in order to replace it.

“And to you we have revealed the book with the truth confirming what was revealed before it in the other books, and standing as a guardian over it”.      

(Quran 5:48)

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Everything about the Alternative Religions in the Quran
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Everything about the Alternative Religions in the Quran

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