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Anal Sex

Everything about anal sex in The Quran

Everything about anal sex in The Quran

The Arabic word for anal sex or sodomy is ‘liwat’, under which the theme of homosexuality is found in most books of Islamic philosophy.

Sodomy or anal sex, is a despicable act in Islam, more foul than adultery. It is forbidden for a man to engage in sodomy or allow himself to be sodomized.

Husbands are not to sodomize their wives or engage in sexual contact anywhere that is not a place where something may ‘grow’.

On the subject of abnormal sexual behaviour, sexual encounters between men are mentioned in the Quran but details of lesbian pursuits are totally absent in the Quran.

Homosexual acts, anal sex, are harshly condemned, and the people who engage in anal sex are regarded as acting senselessly and engaging in abominations.

Under shariah law is a crime against God. This belief emanates from the Prophet Muhammad, who stated,

“If you find anyone doing as Lut's people did, kill the one who does it, and the one to whom it is done”.

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Everything about anal sex in The Quran
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Everything about anal sex in The Quran

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