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Everything about angels in The Quran

Everything about angels in The Quran

Al Malaikah (angels) are often referred to in the Quran. The belief in angels is a central factor of the Islamic faith based on the significance of angels in the Scripture.

Angels are spiritual beings created by Allah to worship the creator and to perform specific duties within the realms of heaven and earth. In essence, they are the divine messengers of God. Within the dominion of angels there exists a celestial order of rank status consisting of the low-ranking angels and the high-ranking angels, namely, the angels and archangels.

The chief angel Jibreel (Archangel Gabriel) is by far the most recognized angelic being in the Quran and within Islamic faith. Gabriel served as the intermediary through whom Allah communicated to many of the chosen prophets, revealing their obligations to them.

Gabriel is most notably recognized as the chief angel that spoke often to the Prophet Muhammad, revealing the Quran to him over a period of two decades (twenty-three years to be precise). Gabriel is also known as the ‘spirit of truth’ and the ‘holy spirit (not to be confused with the Christian meaning of the term). This archangel is the great messenger of God to a chosen few and chief of the four favoured and high-ranking angels: Jibreel (Gabriel), Mikhail (Michael), Israfil (Raphael), and Azrael.

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Everything about angels in The Quran
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Everything about angels in The Quran

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