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Everything about The Bible in The Quran

Everything about The Bible in The Quran

The Quran approves of the association it has with earlier religious books namely, the torah and the Christian gospel, speaking well of both sacred writings.

The Quran attributes the similarities it shares with the Bible to a unique origin that both holy books share, declaring that all the sacred books (The Torah, The Bible, and The Quran) have been revealed by the very same God, the one true God Allah.

Therefore, the common elements or similarities between the Quran and the Bible exist due to this common divine source. The Quran also acknowledges that the original Jewish and Christian sacred texts were authentic revelations from God (Allah) to the Jewish and Christian Prophets, however, Muslims accept as true, that those original writings have been neglected, corrupted, and altered over time. As a result of this, the holy books of the Jewish and Christian peoples have been replaced by another sacred book, a later text considered to be the final holy book, the final testament, to be revealed by Allah. This perfect book has remained so because it has never been re-written or altered, this book is the Holy Quran.

The Quran does recount stories from the Christian Bible but differs in many details. For instance, the stories contained in the Quran concentrate on the moral or deeply spiritual significance of the tales with less emphasis on the narrative and the descriptive. There are guiding principles that outline the way Muslims are to comprehend the books of the Bible. The foremost rule is that the Quran is at all times more authoritative. Therefore, biblical accounts that support the Quran versions are accepted by Muslims. The similarities in biblical Scripture that do not support the views held by the Quran are rejected.

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Everything about The Bible in The Quran
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Everything about The Bible in The Quran

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