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Birth Control

Everything about birth control in The Quran

Everything about birth control in The Quran

Muslims endeavour to develop greater familial bonds and community relationships.

Marriage is widely encouraged and raising children under Islamic faith and tradition is one of the main purposes of marriage. As a result, it is culturally uncommon for Muslim couples to remain childless by choice.

Nevertheless, many Muslims engage in active family planning through the use of contraception and birth control.

The Quran does not make any categorical commandments or detailed references to the concept of contraception or the methods of contraception, or birth control.

Islamic tradition allows the use of contraceptives providing the methods are harmless, nontoxic, and do not threaten the health of the woman or potential mother.

Although the ethics of birth control are not addressed in the Quran, the sacred texts do encourage procreation and the importance of children in the family. The Prophet Muhammad was said to encourage having children but was not opposed to the appropriate use of the early forms of birth control practiced during his lifetime.

The mother’s health was also central to the safe use of birth control within the Islamic community. The Muslims that oppose the use of contraceptives, birth control, and all other approaches to family planning, do so by interpreting the Quranic passages that forbid infanticide; the killing of infants, in order to support their position on prohibition.

“Do not kill your children out of poverty, We will provide for you and them”.      (Quran 6:151)

This Quranic verse refers to the desperate act of killing children within a year of birth and is not widely accepted by Muslims or Islamic tradition as a reference to contraception and birth control.

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Everything about birth control in The Quran
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Everything about birth control in The Quran

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