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Creation of Earth & Everything

Everything about the creation of earth & everything in The Quran

Everything about the creation of earth & everything in The Quran

Accounts of the creation of earth and all forms of life that populate the earth are located within various chapters of the Quran. The subject of creation is split among many verses and is not presented as a singular, lengthy, and detailed narrative.

In the Quran, reports of the first creation are set in context to remind its readers of the majesty and wisdom of Allah (God). Allah created the heavens, the earth, and all that is between both realms in six days.

The Quran does not recount the stages of creation in any given sequence of events or in the manner in which Allah created the earth and its inhabitants. The verses that reveal the creation of the earth in six days use the Arabic word ’youm’, which can mean ‘one day’ or ‘one period in time’.

After completing the creation of the earth in six ‘youm’, the Quran describes that Allah "settled Himself upon the throne”. God does not rest on the seventh day in the Quran.

According to the holy texts Allah created the universe from a single entity; the skies and the earth were joined together as one unit of creation, after which, they were “cloved asunder”. After commanding this entity to divide, the universe underwent a transformation into a cloud of smoke. It is from this cloud that Allah created the heavens and the earth.

The very first earthly thing to be created was the ‘noor’ (light). From this light, and by Allah’s authority and creative power, everything else was formed including all living things and mortal beings. The most eventful creation occurred when Allah moulded clay, earth, sand, and water into the shape of a man (woman created from this man soon after).

The verses of the Quran dedicated to the creation of earth, and everything answers a great deal of meaningful questions as to the origins of the universe and the divine power behind the elemental forces that created the earth and all living things.

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Everything about the creation of earth & everything in The Quran
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Everything about the creation of earth & everything in The Quran

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