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Demonic Possession and Exorcism

Everything about Demonic Possession and Exorcism in The Quran

Everything about Demonic Possession and Exorcism in The Quran

Exorcism is termed ‘Ruqya’, and used to remedy the damage caused by the malevolent effects of witchcraft and wicked spirits.

Performing an exorcism in Islam falls under a sacred and revered sense of duty known as ‘prophetic duties. It is also recognized as a spiritual form of medical treatment within the Islamic methods of alternative medicines called ‘medicine of the Prophet’.

Muslims believe in mystic beings called jinn and the Quran dedicates a chapter (Surat al-Jinn) to the existence of jinn, and their powers.

The Quran details the creation of the jinn ‘through smokeless and scorching fire’, and draws a clear division between the 3 enlightened creations of Allah, namely; Jinn, Humans, and Angels.Jinn are spirits that share a kinship with humans and thus have free will, unlike the angels. Jinn have the capacity to take up physical forms in order to interact with humans, and most frighteningly, the evil jinn (shaytan) can possess human beings, similar to the demon possessions of Christianity. Exorcisms are taken very seriously and the tools needed to perform an exorcism include a copy of the Quran, and in some cases holy water.

Specific verses of the Quran are chanted during the exorcism and so is the call for daily prayer. Islamic exorcisms differ from non-Islamic exorcisms because the jinn may also be killed in the process. Spiritually weak from the punishment of a successful exorcism, the jinn are said to sometimes die after fleeing the body.The kinship that humans have with jinn transcends this world. Jinn are also judged on the final Day of Judgement and have the opportunity to ascend to Paradise to descend to Hell.

* In 2012 a group of inexperienced, self-proclaimed Muslim exorcists were brought to trial in Belgium following the death of a woman during an exorcism. Her body was discovered badly bruised, malnourished, and her lungs filled with bath water.

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Everything about Demonic Possession and Exorcism in The Quran
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Everything about Demonic Possession and Exorcism in The Quran

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