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Everything about divorce in The Quran

Everything about divorce in The Quran

The talaq divorce system is actively performed under Islamic sharia Law.

The divorce proceedings begin when the husband speaks the phrase “I divorce you” in Arabic (‘talaq’) to his wife.

A man may divorce his wife a total of three times because reconciliation is permitted after the first two declarations of talaq. The third pronouncement of talaq however finalizes the divorce.

Sunni and Shia Muslims follow different rules for performing a talaq divorce. For Shia Muslims the declaration of talaq requires two witnesses, and there is a waiting period of three months between each utterance of talaq, to provide the couple chances of reconciliation. Many Islamic scholars look to the Quran and hadith to reinforce this ruling.

Sunni Muslims are permitted to perform a ‘tripple talaq’; In which case the husband can say the phrases “I divorce you” three times at one sitting without the waiting period. Some Sunnis believe the practice to be wrong, but nonetheless accept the triple declaration as final. It is legally recognized and often practiced in countries such as the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

A woman’s right to initiate divorce under sharia law are very limited and divorce may be granted for two reasons;

Firstly, she must prove the couple have had no intercourse for over 2 months, and secondly, that her husband has failed to provide her basic needs i.e. food and shelter. If the husband refuses to grant her a divorce, the wife may carry out ‘khula’, the right to seek a separation or divorce. She must then seek an Islamic judge or Islamic community group to grant the divorce. In return for the granting of divorce she may also lose custody of her child or children over the age of seven.

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Everything about divorce in The Quran
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Everything about divorce in The Quran

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