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End of Earth & Everything

Everything about the end of earth & everythingh in The Quran

Everything about the end of earth & everythingh in The Quran

The Quran and Sunnah provide as many as one hundred signs that signal the approach of judgement day. These signs are divided into two groups: the minor signs, and the major signs. There are over sixty minor signs which include:

The widespread consumption of intoxicants.

Many women of childbearing age that will be unable to give birth.

Leaders of nations will become their oppressors.

Men will begin to resemble women and women will begin to resemble men.

Adultery and fornication will be carried out in public.

Smog will appear over cities because of the evil committed.

The above minor signs are few among many. The major signs are less in number and cover events of greater impact,

The coming of the beast.

The antichrist (Masih ad-Dajjal).

The sun rising from the west rather than the east.

Earth-shattering earthquakes that will change geographical terrain.

The appearance of Isa al-Masih (Jesus Christ).

The appearance of Imam Mahdi (the final Muslim Caliph, who will aid in the destruction of evil).

Islamic tradition teaches about the immortality of the human soul and traditions hold that Prophet Muhammad will be the first to be revived as the day of judgement begins. The righteous will be rewarded in Heaven and the unrighteous punished in Hell. God will hold every Muslim and non-Muslim answerable for their deeds. This event will take place on a predetermined time unknown to mankind.

The final judgement of humanity involves a great apocalypse and the ‘end times literature in the Quran describes the Armageddon as ‘fitna’ (a test) or ‘Malahim (in the shi’ite tradition). The Islamic view supports the belief that Isa (Jesus), will physically return at the time appointed by Allah, and will bring about the destruction of the antichrist.

In Shia Islam there is an earthly reality that will occur before the end of human life on earth. The coming of Christ will coincide with the return of Imam Mahdi. Christ and Mahdi will join forces to bring about peace and justice on earth between all people of faith. After which Imam Mahdi will re-establish the true Islam and the world will find peace. There will be an age of rule by Imam Mahdi, and the resurrection of men and women will commence as the day of judgement begins.

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Everything about the end of earth & everythingh in The Quran
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Everything about the end of earth & everythingh in The Quran

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