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Environmental Responsibility

Everything about Environmental responsibility in The Quran

Everything about Environmental responsibility in The Quran

Mankind was created to represent Allah and to act as the appointed vicegerents on earth (persons chosen to exercise all or some of the authority of another).

The Islamic term khalifah is the general word used to convey mankind’s representative status. Man and woman possess divine authorization to populate, cultivate, and improve the earth. Humanity was destined to take up this role and so endowed with the knowledge required to accomplish the responsibilities of proprietor successfully.

Adam and Eve fell victim to the evil persuasions of Satan and committed the first sin, after which, they repented and sought forgiveness. Following Allah’s absolution the first man and woman were sent down to the earth to perform their roles as vicegerents of Allah with the promise of divine guidance. Those who followed the guidance would be rewarded.

Whatever their different roles within society may be, men and women are bestowed with the position and accountability of Khalifah (vicegerent), thus forging the foundations of man and woman’s essential equality as messengers of Allah.

In Islam the role of khalifah carries three responsibilities:

To be righteous.

To help others become righteous.

To keep the earth uncorrupted, and beautiful.

The belief that man is the representative of Allah has become so popular within the community of modern Muslim intellectuals and activists that when asked to offer an account of the most valued Islamic qualities, the description ‘vicegerent of God’, is almost certainly used.

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Everything about Environmental responsibility in The Quran
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Everything about Environmental responsibility in The Quran

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