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Female Circumcision

Everything about female Circumcision in The Quran

Everything about female Circumcision in The Quran

Female circumcision, which is the partial or entire removal of the external female genitalia by cutting, has indeed been practiced for centuries. The precise origin of the ceremony is unknown and is said to predate Islam.

In some countries such as Egypt, female circumcision is practised by Muslims, yet the act is not recognized in the majority of Muslim nations, leading to the conclusion that female circumcision may be associated with cultural practices and not the religion of Islam.

There are no instructions in the Quran scripture that calls for Muslim men or women to engage in any form of female circumcision.

Passages of the Holy Quran do not contain any indication of female circumcision having been performed. Believers of the ceremony do not support their beliefs with verses from the Quran but refer instead to a particular hadith (reports of the activities of Prophet Muhammad), which appears to accept the act of female circumcision.


"Circumcision is a commendable act for men (sunnah) and an honourable thing for women (Makromah)". (Al-shawkani, Nayl Al-awtar, Dar Al-Jeel. Beirut. 1973. Vol. 1)

Many respectable hadith scholars consider this hadith to be of uncertain and insubstantial legitimacy.

The Holy Quran contains no indication or statement of female circumcision.

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Everything about female Circumcision in The Quran
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Everything about female Circumcision in The Quran

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