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Food and Drink

Everything about food and drink in The Quran

Everything about food and drink in The Quran

It is noted in the Holy Quran that honey is the best of all edible foods, and milk is the drink most favoured due to its natural wholesomeness. The Prophet Muhammad, along with his companions, survived on the simplest of foods; never giving in to excess or a heavy diet consisting of rich foods.

During the time of Ramadan (a month of obligatory daily fasting in Islam), abstention from food is closely related to moral and spiritual progress. Aside from fasting, prophets reach a high spiritual and moral rank by eating very little, and eating only the simplest foods, thereby maintaining a heightened spiritual mindset.

Foods permitted under Islamic dietary guidelines are called ‘halal' foods; the phrase 'halal' meaning permissible or allowed. Prohibited foods and ingredients are called haram (forbidden). To make meat permissible (halal), the meat or poultry must have been slaughtered in a ritual manner known as zibah.

According to the dietary guidelines gathered from the Quran, Muslim followers cannot engage in the following gastronomic activities:

The consumption of animals not slaughtered in the name of Allah, and of carnivorous beasts.

The consumption of pork or pork by-products.

The consumption of and meat from animasl that died prior to it being slaughtered for food.

The intake of blood and blood by-products.

The consumption of birds of prey.

The drinking of alcohol.

The consumption of land animals without external ears.

Devouring meats sacrificed on stone alters, or in the name of a lesser God.

The prohibition of certain foods is simply a measure to safeguard human health. However, if a Muslim person is forced to eat any of the forbidden foods out of necessity i.e., hunger, starvation, extreme poverty, et cetera, the conduct is forgiven by Allah.

A well-known Islamic tradition is to pray before meals to bless the meal and convey thankfulness to Allah.

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Everything about food and drink in The Quran
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Everything about food and drink in The Quran

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