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Everything about greed in The Quran

Everything about greed in The Quran

The Quran blesses charity and teaches that greed is against the will of Allah.

Merchants, vendors, and sellers are commanded to be honest and display generosity. Greed is an undesirable habit that leads to various sins. Most of all, greed is the selfish and excessive desire for material wealth, money, food, and other worldly possessions, especially when the desired goods are available only to the privileged.

It's believed that a mind occupied with thoughts of greed cannot unfold the divine meaning of the Holy Quran. Greed may be limitless, and if not controlled, can function as a great distraction, persistently diverting a person’s attention away from the true purpose of life. Islam requests that tight fisted persons embrace generosity with the hope of attaining something better in the afterlife.

During the fasting period of Ramadan, Muslims set a firm limit on their eating, smoking, and sexual activity; it is believed that this abstention develops a heightened moral standard which helps to curb a person’s potential for greed, extravagance, and other vices.

The fourth pillar of Islam is almsgiving: making voluntary contributions to the poor and disabled as an act of worship. ‘Zakah’ is the Islamic principle of offering a percentage of one's earnings to charity or the distribution of finances for the same purpose.

This custom is also regarded as purification from greed.

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Everything about greed in The Quran
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Everything about greed in The Quran

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