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Human Body

What does The Quran say about the body

What does The Quran say about the body

Quranic Scripture teaches its readers that Allah created humans to serve as His vicegerents on earth.

The body is a beautiful gift from God, a gift that must be honoured, kept faithful, clean, unspoiled, and used to glorify God.

The body is the most physical and most community driven way of demonstrating a Muslim’s service to God, whether it’s through prayer, work, charity, and helping family and others. It is also expressed that the body can execute great harm and lead to ruin and disgrace.

Muslims are therefore urged to control their bodies and more specifically, three parts of the body; the hands, the eyes, and the tongue which vocalises our thoughts.

Before taking part in prayer, the hands, face, mouth, and feet are washed to represent a literal and symbolical cleanliness and also to reflect a Muslim’s responsibility to keep the body clean and Godly.

In Quranic scripture, our body’s serve us for a greater period of time and are much more than just a vessel for our spirits during our time on earth. The Quran highlights how the treatment of our body’s factor greatly on how we are perceived on the notorious Day of Judgement.

“Until, when they reach it (the fire), their hearing and their eyes and their skins will testify against them of what they used to do”. (Quran 41:20)

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What does The Quran say about the body
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What does The Quran say about the body

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