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Everything about Jesus in The Quran

Everything about Jesus in The Quran

The Quran refers to Isa (Jesus), a total of twenty-five times; mostly as ‘Ibn Maryam’ (son of Mary), ‘nabi’ (prophet), ‘rasul’ (messenger of Allah), and ‘al Masih’ (anointed one).

The origin of Jesus in the Quran text begins with the birth of his mother Maryam, and her life in the temple of Jerusalem. Jesus was born as the result of a miraculous virgin birth by the order of Allah and endowed with the power to perform miracles by Allah’s consent, not by his own authority.

None of Jesus’ disciples are named in the Quran and he was accompanied by a far greater number of followers (up to 72). He was divinely chosen to preach the truth of a single God and submission to the will of God by calling all to follow the ‘path of righteousness’.

Like all prophets who preach the acceptance of a divine ‘path’ outlined by God (Sharia in Islam), Jesus was therefore Muslim (a person who submits to the will of Allah). Also, like all Allah’s prophets, he was a mortal being. This in effect limits the powers of Jesus and removes any right of godliness or lineage with God, dissolving any share in divinity.

Jesus in the Quran is a mortal man and anything more is rejected. To believe that Jesus was the direct son of God is to reject God's divine oneness (tawhid). Jesus himself does not declare to be the son of God in the Quran and it is written that Jesus will deny ever making such claims to divinity at the last judgement after his return. Jesus served as a precursor to the Prophet Muhammad; he announced the coming of Muhammad in the Quran and allegedly makes a similar report in the New Testament Bible.

In the Gospel of John, the coming of the ‘Paraclete’ is foretold; this prediction is believed by some Muslims to be a reference to the Prophet Muhammad. Passages of the Quran refute the crucifixion of Jesus as expressed in the Bible. The Islamic view holds that the end of Christ occurred through his bodily ascension to heaven and not on the cross. Greater understanding of this view is linked to the significance of Judas Iscariot.

The second coming of Jesus also appears in the Quran; it is foretold that he will return during the end times to defeat the antichrist (Ad-Dajjal).

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Everything about Jesus in The Quran
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Everything about Jesus in The Quran

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