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Everything about laziness in The Quran

Everything about laziness in The Quran

Laziness and slothfulness are together a sign, or perhaps even a warning that something is very wrong, a physical symptom of a spiritual imbalance.

The reluctance to work or exert oneself in any way, shape or form is a capital sin. Those who overcome slothfulness will surely rise-up and find rewards for their hard work. Plenty of rest and relaxation is permissible in Islam, yet moderation is needed because a lazy lifestyle keeps the body, the mind and the spirit from fulfilling obligations and realizing aspirations.

The Quran values of honour and morals are attained through optimism, and enthusiasm. Performing good deeds is only possible when a person is free of apathy and indifference and sluggishness. This ethical viewpoint is one way of receiving a peaceful and positive outcome in the Hereafter (the spiritual afterlife).

When a person shows laziness in prayer or is indifferent to prayer, that person breaks the spiritual attachment to God set by religion. What follows is a life lacking a key element to attaining personal wellbeing, spiritual fulfilment, wholesomeness, and the great value of belonging.

Islamic remedies to combat laziness include prayers that help Muslims turn to Allah in supplication and to seek help in fighting sloth and laziness.

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Everything about laziness in The Quran
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Everything about laziness in The Quran

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