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Male Circumcision

Everything about Male Circumcision in The Quran

Everything about Male Circumcision in The Quran

The foreskin removed during circumcision is a layer of skin with no apparent indications of where the skin should be cut during the procedure and so the measure of foreskin removed can vary differently.

For that reason, no two circumcisions are the same. The origin of circumcision in Islam is a matter of religious and scholarly debate because it is not mentioned in the Holy Quran, and many are split on whether the circumcision ritual is optional or essential.

Circumcision is however mentioned in Hadith (the teachings and actions of the Prophet Muhammad and his companions), and regardless of the fact that it doesn’t appear in the Quran, is widely practiced among Islamic peoples and is most often considered to be a sunnah, a holy tradition. The validation of the circumcision of Muslim males is based on Ibrahim’s covenant with God. Part of the religion of Ibrahim is the performing of circumcisions.

"Then we inspired you: 'Follow the religion of Ibrahim, the upright in Faith" (Quran 16: 123)

The Quran deals extensively with Prophet Ibrahim; his name is mentioned sixty-seven times in the book, but nothing of him being circumcised. This offers a reason as to why there is no consensus on whether circumcision is indeed optional or necessary.

The timing and location of Muslim circumcisions vary from hospital settings to the home, and from a few days after birth, to between the ages of six and eleven. The event is celebrated with sweets or a feast and considered an important celebration in a male’s life.

Male circumcision is among the rites of Islam and is part of the ‘Fitrah’, or the innate disposition and natural character of the human creation.

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Everything about Male Circumcision in The Quran
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Everything about Male Circumcision in The Quran

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