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Man and Men

Everything about men in The Quran

Everything about men in The Quran

The Quran is a work of dictation preserved by oral tradition and recorded by men.

The first man is the masterpiece of Allah's creations and the first prophet of Islam. The story of Adam is mentioned twenty-five times in the Quran. There is no account that man is created in God's image, and as for the first sin, the Quran places equal blame on both man and woman.

The first man was created “from clay and mud moulded into shape”. A bond that preserves the elemental attachment we have with the earth. It is also believed that the different colours of clay used in the creation accounts for the different skin tones of later people.

In Islam, there is a social order established by Allah and His messenger Prophet Muhammad. This appoints man with the right of guardianship over the family unit to prevent friction between the spouses.

A Man’s role is to direct the household, feed his family, defend his home and lead in issues of politics, dispute, and community issues. He must honour his parents (show particular care towards his mother); financially support them and his sister/s if unmarried. Within the family the son receives greater inheritance than the daughter because only the man carries the responsibility and burden of meeting all the financial needs of the family.

Men are the managers, guardians of women; permitted to have up to four wives, but not commanded to do so. A man may marry a much younger woman, even prepubescent girls and endowed with the power to discipline his wife or sister by scolding or even beating her if necessary and if found guilty of immoral conduct. ( click the link below to read 'Beating Women').

A man with many wives must provide separate living accommodation for each wife and divide his time equally among them.

Contemplation and understanding should be part of a man’s life. He must also cooperate with other Muslims in the defence of Islam and for the security of the Islamic nation.

It is written that Adam grew lonely in Jannah (the Garden Paradise), and from his left rib, Allah created another. Allah then performed a nikah (marriage) between Adam and the woman. The Quran does not name the woman married to Adam; however, she is known in Islamic tradition by the Arabic name Hawwa` (Eve).

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Everything about men in The Quran
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Everything about men in The Quran

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