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Marriage and the body

Everything about marriage& the body in The Quran

Everything about marriage& the body in The Quran

Marriage is a significant and cherished institution in Islam and there is a universal school of thought for many Muslims that marriage is a blessing and ‘whoever can marry should marry’.

In Quranic Scripture a Muslim is encouraged to

“Dwell in peace and tranquillity” with their chosen spouse, and husbands and wives should live with ‘love and mercy between their hearts’. (Quran 30:21)

However, there are fundamental differences in the roles of husbands which factor into their bodies. The Quran declares that husbands are in charge of their wives because a husband’s responsibility is to direct the family unit, have the right of guardianship over the family, and function as the managers of their wives. Husbands are permitted (not directed) to have more than one wife to love, care for, and protect.

The wife’s body therefore belongs to her husband who is also her guardian, and the husband’s body belongs to Allah.

“Men are in charge of women by what Allah has given one over the other”.

(Quran 4:34)

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Everything about marriage& the body in The Quran
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Everything about marriage& the body in The Quran

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