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Marriage Troubles

Everything about marriage troubles in The Quran

Everything about marriage troubles in The Quran

Marriage is part of the traditions and practices of the Prophet Muhamad, and therefore essential to Muslims. One defining feature of marriage is the tranquillity it offers spouses.

Hence the purpose of marriage cannot be achieved if the spouses fail in their marital duties and are unhappy as a result.

It is forbidden for a believing Muslim to mistreat and oppress another. The Prophet Muhammad is credited for saying

“The best of you is he who is best to his family, and I am the best among you to my family”. (Hadith – 3252, Al- Tirmidh)

Wives must obey their husbands within reason, and agree to what Allah has permitted; of sexual delight and honourable union. Wives are to manage the home and not to venture out without the husband’s consent. Her entitlements include the right to be clothed, housed, provided for, treated kindly, valued and loved.

Unhappy wives are encouraged to share their concerns with their spouse and set right whatever errors they make.

To exhibit patience until the situation improves, also a wife can choose to accept the marriage for what it is and seek reward in the afterlife. Alternatively, if she cannot bear her ill-fated marriage any longer, and all chances for positive change are exhausted, she is within her rights to initiate divorce proceedings.

Husbands are not to mistreat their wives but seek to resolve disputes with a degree of patience, and continue to offer their wives the full rights of marriage. It is becoming for a Muslim to make all likely efforts at salvaging the sacred union of marriage.

* Many cultures consider it taboo for a woman of noble decent (sharif) to convey feelings of unhappiness towards her marriage.

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Everything about marriage troubles in The Quran
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Everything about marriage troubles in The Quran

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