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Everything about masturbation in The Quran

Everything about masturbation in The Quran

Masturbation is the most common form of sexual self-gratification.

There is no direct reference to masturbation in the Quran and thoughts on the sexual act are largely based on hadith, Islamic traditions, and cultural attitudes. Unlike sexual contact with a spouse (which is approved of), masturbation is generally a sexual act performed alone, and by the unmarried.

For the un-married, masturbation is a cultural taboo in the Shia, Sunni, and all other associated Islamic subdivisions. Islam makes it very clear that sexual acts outside of marriage are prohibited according to the Quran. Many consider ejaculation, regardless of the cause, as ritually impure. When fasting, during Ramadan or other times, a man is considered to have broken his fast if he ejaculated on purpose, either through masturbation or intercourse; and upon ejaculating, must not pray, hold a copy of the Quran, or enter a mosque, until he performs ‘ghusl’ (the washing and cleansing of the body required for various rituals and prayers).

The ritual cleansing of the body after sexual intercourse and or sexual discharge is compulsory for adult Muslims.

Wet dreams are treated somewhat differently however because the person is asleep when it occurs. The requirement for wet dreams is that the person is to bathe prior to undergoing any of the rituals necessary for Muslim daily living.

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Everything about masturbation in The Quran
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Everything about masturbation in The Quran

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