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Everything about murder in The Quran

Everything about murder in The Quran

Chapter four in the noble Quran contains verses that inform readers not to kill, commit murder, or suicide. Deliberate acts of killing and of suicide are forbidden.

The Quran also expresses the safeguarding of infant life by commanding Muslims not to kill children (Quran 6: 140, 17: 31), under this ruling abortion is also regarded a form of murder.

Islamic law authorizes the Quran ruling that one may take human life only "by way of justice and law". This decree legalizes the death penalty which in Islamic nations is often applied by the court as punishment for the most nefarious crimes. Islamic policy on criminal penalty holds that severe punishment functions as a deterrent to serious offenses that destroy individual lives and threaten law abiding communities.

The following crimes are in some cases punishable by death:

premeditated murder,





Acts of homosexuality

and the spreading of mischief such as treason (fasad fil-ardh).

In times of war, Muslims are commanded by the Quran to protect themselves through defensive battle, against clashes from enemy armed forces. Under these circumstances killing is permitted and not considered murder. Verses that promote battle and combating in the Quran do so within the context of warfare.

The common quotation, or rather, misquotation of the ‘sura 9: 5’ continues to stir controversy as it is regularly used outside of the context of warfare, battle, and oppression.

“Once the Sacred Months are past, (and they refuse to make peace) you may kill the idol worshipers when you encounter them, punish them, and resist every move they make. If they repent and observe the Contact Prayers and give the obligatory charity, you shall let them go”. (Sura 9:5)

The decision to defend or attack is justified in cases of war and oppression, and the killings are validated by Allah.

"...If anyone kills a person - unless it be for murder or for spreading mischief in the land - it would be as if he killed all people. And if anyone saves a life, it would be as if he saved the life of all people". (Quran 5: 32).

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Everything about murder in The Quran
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Everything about murder in The Quran

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