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Everything about music in The Quran

Everything about music in The Quran

It is highly debatable among Muslims whether music is considered haram (forbidden) or halal (permissible).

This difference of opinion is largely based on how the Quran texts are interpreted. It is considered that a Muslim who follows the Quran accurately will not find any such prohibition of music or singing contained in its scriptures. Allah’s commands are very clear regarding any prohibition given in the Quran, so many believe that the prohibition of music and singing cannot be found in the Quran, because Allah does not prohibit them.

Music is one of the purest and most beautiful creations of Allah, who set the tone and rhythm of every sound in the universe. Music and singing are therefore like all the creations of God that constitute an important part of our daily life. Any prohibition of music or singing is believed to be influenced by Islamic laws and the books of hadith and sunna.

The books of hadith and sunna were written over 200 years after the death of the Prophet Mohammad. Many believers openly state that these books occasionally contradict the Quran, as the Prophet Mohammad himself followed and preached only from the Quran.

In Islamic nations the enjoyment and appreciation of music is a subject that has been actively debated by top scholars. Many of these scholars have been generally inclined to condemn all forms of music, except for the ad-duff (tambourine), played at weddings.

Quite a few respected scholars have taken a positive approach to the tolerance of music and singing, considering only the music containing sensual, pagan, or unethical themes and subliminal messages as categorically forbidden. Quran reading is the reading aloud, reciting or the chanting of sections in the Quran. It is not considered music by Muslims and when recited the style is structurally dissimilar from music.

Quran reading may be based on one to three vocal tones only. Similarly, each melodic passage centres on a single tone level, but the melodic contour and melodic passages themselves are largely shaped by the reading laws.

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Everything about music in The Quran
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Everything about music in The Quran

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