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Everything about prostitutes in the Quran

Everything about prostitutes in the Quran

To whore or commit whoredom is to indiscriminately sell or trade one’s body, talents, and personal affections for a cash sum, valuable goods or social status.

Adulterers live secret lives and the promiscuous enjoy sex with many partners, but only the whore lives a life that combines the elements of secrecy, with many sexual partners, and the willingness to sell to all who can afford it.

Sex is a force of nature; no matter how many times you sell it, or give it away, it still belongs to you. Islam has a clearly defined moral code. Within this school of thought promiscuity, prostitution, whoring, and adultery are openly despised. Islam does not approve of the sexual activities, awareness, amusements, conduct or light-hearted sexual pursuits outside of the wholesomeness and integrity of married life. Being exposed to lust and promoting the notion of ‘free sex’ or ‘sex for hire’ puts a person in the undesirable and corrupt grouping of harlot, prostitute and whore.

The term whore itself is not linked to the female gender in particular, although it began as a female-only activity that flourished within a deeply contained and ancient profession with its own traditions of secrecy and the acquisition of wealth.

Men who engage in sexual acts for money are also regarded a whores and male prostitutes. In Koran scripture the meaning behind the act of whoredom also involves the symbolic, emotional, and spiritual act of selling the body for some sort of personal gain.

A person who seductively exposes their body or abuses their talents, and abilities, in a corrupt and shameful manner for the purpose of fortune and fame (which translates to profit), is indeed engaging in whoredom, and is a person of lesser character and worth.

“The fornicator shall not marry any but a fornicatress or idolatress…”. (Quran 24: 3)

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Everything about prostitutes in the Quran
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Everything about prostitutes in the Quran

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