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Everything about The Quran

Everything about The Quran

The Quran is the only book in existence that is recited by millions of its readers as a requirement of their standard of living.

Qur’an (pronounced ‘Koran’ because the letter ‘Qaf’ is not present in the English language), is the Scripture that declares God's religion as Islam; and refers to its follower as Muslim.

The book is a work of dictation (God speaking to man), originally recorded in the Arabic language. The title means, 'that which is read' with its chapters arranged by size; larger chapters are revealed first. Muslims believe the Bible’s true revelations have been distorted over time; the Holy Quran exists to correct the Holy Bible's discrepancies and reveal the unchanged word of God. This account of God’s word makes the Quran the final Testament according to Muslims.

The book has remained unaltered during its existence over 1400 years. Containing self-reference, the word ‘Qur’an’ appears over seventy times in the book. The theme is the relationship that Allah (God) has with humanity. Since its launch the sacred writings have been translated into over 103 languages.

Known as one of the great best-sellers an estimated 800 million copies have been sold and in Muslim households the Koran is the book which is most read. The Quran was revealed to the prophet Muhammad over a period of about 23 years. The word of Allah was memorized by Muhammad and passed unto his companions verbally; a process acknowledged as oral tradition.

At the time of Muhammad’s death in 632CE, the Quran did not exist as a written book. The writing and compiling of the text into the renowned book was accomplished by the first and third leaders of the Islamic community and completed around 650CE.

For daily recitation the Quran is divided into thirty equal parts called paara; each part takes twenty-four reading minutes with the entire book requiring twelve reading hours. Average copies of the Quran contain approximately 604 pages divided into 114 chapters, 6,286 verses, and 99,464 words.

Copies are purchased, sold for profit, collected, sotlen, presented as gifts, and donated. Believers do not discard or recycle the Koran with other paper. The usual means of disposal is for the book to be burned or buried.

There are specific guidelines that govern the proper and improper handling of the Quran. Each copy of the Quran is to be stored on the highest shelf in the home to signify its symbolic status above all other books and readable printed and handwritten material. The Quran must not be left open after reading; the reader must never wet their fingers with saliva when turning its pages and must not place the Quran casually on their lap whist reading.

Away from the physical handing of the Quran, the handling of its sacred content has been taken to new and truly epic proportions. The creation of the enormous ‘Quran Theme Park’ located in Dubai, extents over 60 hectares and accommodates several lavish botanical gardens, lush parks, fountains, glasshouses, desert gardens, lakes, cycling tacks, walking paths, play areas, and a tranquil oasis. This park will bring to life and highlight the themes, poetry and majesty of the Koran and even feature almost all the plants mentioned in the Holy Book (54 in all), which include lentil, pomegranate, tamarind, watermelon, barley, ginger, onion, basil, fig, cucumber, wheat, banana, leek, and pumpkin.

* The Quran applies the word ‘Muslim’ to humans, animals, and the inanimate world. The bird is a Muslim because it lives and dies obeying the sharia (the path that Allah has prescribed) for the community of birds. According to this Islamic thought all animals are Muslim. Allowing for the migration patterns of wild animals and the population of domesticated animals in towns and cities; it can be reckoned that a person is never more than 100 feet away from a person or an animal obeying the sharia set out by Allah in the Holy Quran.

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Everything about The Quran
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Everything about The Quran

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