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Quran Mistakes

Everything about mistakes in The Quran

Everything about mistakes in The Quran

The Quran is believed to be the exact words of Allah, therefore only the greatest attention to detail is exercised during the publication process.

In 1999 the nation of Kuwait approved the production and international distribution of 120,000 government approved copies of the Holy Quran. These copies were blighted with glaring misprints and verse altering errors and what followed soon after distribution changed the course of the nation’s government. An epic nationwide uproar ensued, and the ruling administration were inundated with threats and accused of “trying to disfigure the faith of Muslims”.

These accusations and widespread outrage by the general public with the support of several very influential religious groups resulted in the entire Kuwaiti parliament being dissolved.

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Everything about mistakes in The Quran
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Everything about mistakes in The Quran

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