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Quran thieves

Everything about Quran thives

Everything about Quran thives

Reports suggest that copies of the Quran are not stolen in wholesale numbers, however what does make the headlines are the ancient, rare, and exceptional copies of the Quran that are targeted by black market smugglers and traders.

In May 2000, an 11th century copy of the Quran was expertly stolen from the Topkapi palace in Turkey’s largest city of Istanbul. The Quran was retrieved when three smugglers were later arrested whilst trying to traffic the book out of Turkey. Its black-market value was an estimated $50,000.

Rare Quran manuscripts, one in particular dating back 1,300 years, were stolen from the Yemen national museum in October 2013. The theft of the Yemeni antiquities from the national museum, which included copies of the Quran and antique swords, have not been seen or recovered. The museum at the time had no surveillance cameras, alarm systems, or suitable lighting, and the electrical generator was not operating at the time of the theft.

The Yemeni antiquities have since vanished without a trace.

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Everything about Quran thives
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Everything about Quran thives

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