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Secrets Letter in The Quran

Everything about the secret letters in The Quran

Everything about the secret letters in The Quran

The Quran contains a series of mysteriously disjointed letters that appear in the beginning of 29 chapters.

Known as ‘Muqatta’at’, meaning abbreviated or shortened, these letters have puzzled Islamic scholars for centuries.

The letters are written in Arabic to form a word, but each letter is pronounced separately and comprises half of all the letters in the Islamic alphabet. For example, the equivalent in English would appear as ‘AQRFTF XKEG’, appearing 29 times without any clarification as to its presence or significance.

The mysterious and unsolvable ‘muqatta’at letters’ continue to be a topic of intense, heavily-funded research and academic discussions in Islamic literature and Koranic studies.

Non-Islamic theorists have proposed the question ‘if the Quran is a perfect text, why does it contain a succession of unclear, unreadable, unpronounceable, and reoccurring jumble of letters’.

The letters gain even more peculiarity by the fact that there are no reports of the Prophet Muhammad ever having used the mysterious expressions in his everyday speech, and never referred to his frequent usage of the letters in the opening verses of 29 chapters.Accounts of the Prophet Muhammad’s life (Haddith) include no statements of the Prophet’s companions inquiring about the disjointed letters either.

However, this lack of interest from his companions has been mentioned as possible evidence that such abbreviations were very familiar to the Arabs of the time.

* The ‘Muqatta’at letters’ remain a total mystery and considered by most Muslims to be divine secrets, whilst others subscribe to the idea that the letters are indeed evidence of a mystery within the Quran that is understood only by Allah.

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Everything about the secret letters in The Quran
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Everything about the secret letters in The Quran

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