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Sexual Desire

Everything about sexual desire in The Quran

Everything about sexual desire in The Quran

Lust is a passionate, or overwhelming sexual desire and according to Islam, human desires and cravings are a part of natural life and cannot be ignored. Therefore, Muslims must learn to master the strengths and weaknesses within.

If a person fails to do so, he or she then becomes a servant to their appetites and consequently fall below the level of animals. In Islam, it is believed that Lust is a blind driving force and must never be allowed to become the driving force of Islamic society. When lust overcomes a person, they become self-centred, viewing love as a means of self-gratification, a selfish wrongdoing. A person can be affected by lust at any age and the Islamic tradition enlightens Muslim men and women on the many ways to curtail their lustful desires: "Whenever a man is alone with a woman, Satan is the third among them".

When a couple are together, they should be supervised, and the woman is to dress modestly. A man should curb his desires during adolescence so that he is accustomed to controlling these desires during adulthood.

Islamic tradition has established certain bylaws to curb lustful activities: Under these laws, Islam forbids the following,

Listening to the female voice with lust and desire.

Women of Islam are to wear veils; the purpose of the veil is so the woman is dressed in a manner that may not excite men to feel sexual desire or to lust for her.

Furthermore, women are not to display ‘fineries, ornaments, or beauties’ of their female form, as this may awaken a man’s lust. What’s more, women are not to speak softly to men, or in a way that might excite men to lust after them.

“If you fear Allah, then do not be soft in speech, lest he in whose heart is disease should covet, but speak with appropriate speech”. (Quran 33: 32)

Passages in the Quran encourage modesty for both genders and the Islamic religion calls for chastity in all factors of life.

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Everything about sexual desire in The Quran
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Everything about sexual desire in The Quran

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