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The Hadith

Everything about the Hadith

Everything about the Hadith

A considerable source of direction for Muslims is the Hadith.

The term ‘Hadith’ meaning ‘report’, ‘account’ or ‘narrative’ in Arabic, are a collection of highly esteemed religious texts second only to the Quran that serve as historical records and testimonies of the rituals, proverbs and daily practices of the Prophet Muhammad.

Furthermore, Hadith claim to quote exactly what was spoken by Muhammad on any matter, in his exact words.

Hadith are viewed as central to the interpretation of the Holy Quran and the development of the Islamic legal system.

Collections of Hadith are generally published as six volume books (4 books for Shia collections), that together function to support the message of the Quran by providing testimonies of Prophet Muhammad’s observations, sayings, and practices that do not appear in the Quran, and also include those of his companions.

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Everything about the Hadith
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Everything about the Hadith

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