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Everything about vanity in The Quran

Everything about vanity in The Quran

The essential quality of vanity is the way in which a person thinks particularly highly of themselves on account of some advantage gained (real or imagined).

The vain generally perceive others as inferior to them due to an obvious physical strength or beauty, financial supremacy, recognition or influence earned or possessed by them. A great number of traditions point out the destructive effects of vanity with varying degrees of caution because vanity is indeed a great motivator.

“And eat not up your property among yourselves in vanity". (Quran 2: 188)

The Quran declares that Muslims should not walk the earth with pride and vanity and goes on to list the damaging side effects or by-products of vanity which are, but not limited to: arrogance; self-worship, an overblown sense of value, the negligence of one’s errors and failure to resolve them, ungratefulness (for God’s blessings), a selective memory and belief in opinions that suit them only.

There is a proverb in Islam taken from the Quran that explains what may arise should a man deeply contemplate his modest beginnings as a drop of sperm, his certain end as a handful of dust, and the brief interval of his life; He will forget his vanity and devote his entire life to the worship of Allah.

"Perish man! How unthankful he is! Of what did He create him? Of a sperm-drop. He created him, and proportioned him, then the way eased for him, then makes him to die, and buries him; then, when He wills, He raises him". (Quran 80: 17–22)

The opposite of vanity is modesty; a worthy trait that leads to the edification and spiritual growth of the human soul. It is therefore necessary for Muslims to turn to Allah and to know Him.

The realization that only the all-powerful Allah deserves worship and praise is a good starting point in accepting that vanity is a form of self-worship, and worship should be directed only to Allah.

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Everything about vanity in The Quran
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Everything about vanity in The Quran

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