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Virgin Mary

Everything about The Virgin Mary in The Quran

Everything about The Virgin Mary in The Quran

Jesus is repeatedly referred to in the Quran as ‘Isa bin Maryam’ (Jesus, son of Mary), with mother and son held in high esteem. Maryam is the only woman named in the Holy Quran.

Furthermore, of the Quran's 114 chapters, Maryam is among only eight people honoured with a chapter bearing their name. The chapter dedicated to Maryam recounts the story of her purity, her virginity, and indeed her conception and birthing of her son. Her virgin purity and moral spotlessness leading up to, and after her perfect conception (a conception without sin), elevates Maryam above all women; verses describe Maryam as ‘chosen one’ (Quran 3: 42), and ‘purified one’ (Quran 3: 42). The Islamic view is that the angel Jibril (Gabriel) was sent by Allah to speak with Maryam and inform her that she would soon expect to bear a son.

This visitation by the archangel Jibril with the message of conception was however not Maryam’s first encounter with celestial angels. The above chapter in the Quran enlightens its readers that angels had visited Maryam on other occasions to notify her of her valued status among humanity. The Quran passages affirm that her son Jesus was indeed the outcome of an untainted virgin birth. Maryam’s husband Joseph and the meagre setting of a manger as the birthplace of Christ do not appear in the Quran.

The spiritual conception is a wonder credited more to the life of Maryam than that of Christ. Islam does not accept that the virgin birth is undeniable evidence of the godliness of Jesus. In Islam, the spiritual implications of the virgin birth, is equal to the creation of Adam, and in fact, some argue that the creation of Adam (the first human) is a more miraculous creation, as Adam was ‘born’ without father or mother.

Maryam was a human fit for the company of angels and the touch of divinity; the only woman to make the transition from virgin to motherhood a truly unimaginable and wondrous happening.

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Everything about The Virgin Mary in The Quran
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Everything about The Virgin Mary in The Quran

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