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Everything about virginity in The Quran

Everything about virginity in The Quran

To remain a virgin until one is married is regarded a commitment and a duty.

The Quran instructs its readers that the key to happiness in this life (and the afterlife) depends heavily upon how a person follows the laws of Allah, laid out in his book the Quran.

Muslim sons and daughters are raised to believe in the value of virginity and taught to preserve their chastity for their own happiness. The unmarried must keep themselves for their future spouses only and never permit the sexual advances or contact of anyone other than the person they are legally married to. Celibacy and virginity are promoted for men as well as women.

“…And those who save their chastity. Except with their spouses and those whom they rightfully possess in wedlock, only then they will not be blamed”. (Quran 23: 1–6)

The Quran refers to the Virgin Mary a total of thirty-four times, more than in the Holy Bible, with an entire chapter in honour of Maryam (Mary). The sacred Quran text describes Maryam as a pious woman chosen by Allah above all other women. This recognition does well to signify the virgin bride as a woman of such compelling spiritual and worldly value to men and to God.

Upon losing her virginity a woman may, in some cases, experience slight blood loss. This element serves as evidence of the virginity and is arguably what makes the virgin union recognized as a blood covenant that is binding. The cherished image and significance of virginity is fundamentally linked to purity, value, respect, charm, and the instinctive worth of a valuable thing (never been used), or a worthwhile spouse (never shared the blood covenant with another).

In the Quran, the afterlife is portrayed as a peaceful and happy existence in the company of women and men of purity; A pledge that is available to all, not just the martyrs. Muslims are to maintain a very high level of conduct on this earth, and for the men, there is a very clear command.

“Tell the believing men that they should lower their gazes and guard their sexual organs; that is purer for them....”. (Quran 24: 30)

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Everything about virginity in The Quran
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Everything about virginity in The Quran

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