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Everything about alternative religions in The Bible

Everything about alternative religions in The Bible

The Holy Bible is one of the most ancient collections of sacred scripture in existence and contains references to other religious beliefs and sacred texts within the Old Testament and New Testament books.

These other religious faiths include the Jewish peoples and the sacred Torah, which predates the birth of Christianity. Also, Jesus Christ openly conversed with non-Christians and healed the dying daughter of a woman from Canaan who was not of the same faith (Matthew 15:26-28).

The Bible also alludes to many smaller alternative religious faiths, not mentioning them by name as many of these faiths were not established religions at that point in times.

The ‘Samaritans’ is another ancient faith loosely based on Judaism that is also mentioned in Scripture.

On one occasion Jesus Christ publicly spoke to a Samaritan woman, asking her for water. The woman withdrew in surprise that a Jew would speak to a non-Jew, and also to a woman without discrimination, as it was not common for Jewish men to speak to non-Jewish women in public (John 4:7-12).

The books of the Bible predate that of the Holy Quran, which was revealed 600 years after the death of Jesus Christ in Calvary, just beyond the walls of Jerusalem.

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Everything about alternative religions in The Bible
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Everything about alternative religions in The Bible

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