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Everything about anal sex in The Bible

Everything about anal sex in The Bible

Like all pursuits, sex involves the usual, and the unusual. When penetration involves an orifice not intended for sexual contact (such as the anus), the sexual act is identified as ‘sodomy’.

The Bible condemns all acts of anal sex, not just between men, but also between men and women, women and women, etc.

The Bible does not expressly label anal sex as an act of homosexuality, but rather, brands this sexual act as, 'unnatural', meaning; the union cannot bear children and deviates from the natural way of human sexual unions and mating.

There are few passages on gay opinions in biblical texts, with accounts of gay relations focusing only on the acts of anal sex and the consequences thereof. And what's more, the notion of sexual orientation is totally absent in the Bible. These exclusions exist for the very same reason that jet-planes and laptops are also absent in the Bible simply because they did not exist in biblical times.

The concept of sexual orientation is a 20th century outlook on sexual behaviour and certainly did not exist some thousands of years ago.

Biblical passages on deviant sexual behaviour condemn the following:

- The rape of women and of men

- Prostitution (straight and gay)

- Sex with animals

- Sexually abusing children

- Anal sex and bisexuality

The total destruction of the cities of Sodom and Gomorrah, play a major role in understanding the Christian view on anal sex. The Old Testament ties the destruction with two major events: the efforts by the men of Sodom to rape the visiting angels, and for their unfair treatment of widows, orphaned children, visitors, and the poor.

All the same, it was the homosexual exploits of the inhabitants of the townships that some Christians believe was the foremost motivator for their destruction by fire and brimstone. This is not clearly reported in the Bible.

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Everything about anal sex in The Bible
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Everything about anal sex in The Bible

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