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Everything about animals in The Bible

Everything about animals in The Bible

Animals perform key roles within biblical accounts of humankind’s relationship with God and the earth therefore, humanity is responsible for the survival of all earthly creatures.

In the account of the eternal rainfall and resulting global flood, Noah and his family performed as the able-bodied crew of the gigantic ark. The animals themselves were the passengers, the precious cargo. God reveals his love for the animal kingdom and our reliance upon them by ordering such a notable rescue. The human voyagers were eight in total; the numbers of animal species gathered in pairs were a hundred times more.

The major distinction between human and animal is that the human being is created in the image of God, whilst the animal is not (Genesis 1: 26– 27). To be created in the likeness of God means that one is like God and is therefore capable of spirituality, profound thoughts, sentimentality, willpower, and indeed the possession of an eternal soul. Animals do possess the living breath; however, they do not possess the eternal soul.

The Bible names over 120 species of animals. From a religious viewpoint these animals are divided into two groups: the clean and the unclean. This is based according to whether the animals may be consumed or not.

The Bible commands Christians to control the numbers of animals in general so that disease and sickness do not annihilate them. We are to use animals for our needs and subdue the beasts, so they never bring harm to humans. Finally, it is our responsibility to protect the animals from over- killing and abuse.

In Genesis, God establishes the connection between the realm we occupy and that of the animal territories. It is good and right for a hunted animal to be eaten to feed the hungry. To put food on the table members of the human race can farm for foodstuff, buy foods, trade or hunt for food.

The Scripture does not specify whether it is correct or incorrect to hunt animals for sport. The crossbreeding of wild animals to create a ‘new’ breed is frowned upon and it is considered acceptable, though debatable, that animals are used for pharmaceutical experiments and research. This is generally because the animals being tested upon serve as substitutes for the more precious human life.

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Everything about animals in The Bible
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Everything about animals in The Bible

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