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Everything about The Bible

Everything about The Bible

The Holy Bible is the first book ever printed, in 1454 A.D.

The book was originally composed in three languages: Hebrew, Aramaic, and Greek. It is a collection of sacred books and writings; consisting of the Old and New Testaments believed sacred by Christian religions and devoted world nations.

The theme of the Bible is the redemption of humankind. The bible does not contain self-reference; the word 'Bible' never appears in the text. Since its launch the Bible has been translated into approximately 2,400 different languages and dialects. Also available in audio format for several non-written languages and including an ongoing attempt to interpret the Bible into Klingon (a fictional language).

Documented as the greatest best-seller of all published books with a remarkably high record of global sales, from an estimated 2.5 billion, to as high as 6 billion copies sold. Today the Bible is one of the most well -known books in existence. The Book consists of several genres of literature such as mythology, poetry, prophecy, narrative, letters, and sermonic literature. Inspired by God, this collection of records and written works was collected by men over a period of 1600 years (1450BC to 100AD). The progression of this great book covers more than forty generations and authors from all walks of life: from poets, scholars, kings, peasants, and philosophers, to fishermen, and statesmen. The writers lived under different circumstances and environments such as the vast wilderness, shadowy dungeons, and majestic palaces; across three continents: Asia, Africa, and Europe, during times of war, peace, poverty, prosperity, slavery, and freedom.

The content of the Bible is read and understood to be God's instructions and revelations to the individual and the entire world. This book instructs Christians on how to relate to one another and those outside the church. It also reveals how its readers are to relate to God (Jehovah in Christianity).

The average copy of the Bible holds approximately sixty-six to seventy-three books, divided into 1,189 chapters containing 31,173 verses and 773, 692 words.

Copies are purchased, stolen, sold for profit, collected, presented as gifts, donated, discarded, recycled, and destroyed.

The Holy Bible can be found in homes, hospitals, hotel rooms, churches, schools, libraries, and bookstores; not excluding military bases, cruise liners, clinics, law courts, museums, cathedrals, universities, town halls, marriage registries, prisons, and cemeteries. Copies are used in television stations, theatre and stage sets, Sunday schools and colleges, backpacks, shoulder bags, laptops, computers, and smart phones. Copies of the Bible are present at births, deaths, and marriages; hospital archives, silent mortuaries, town halls, shopping mall prayer rooms, citizen registration buildings, supreme courts, presidential homes, and imperial palaces, from under the baby’s pillow, to the claustrophobic confines of submarines deep beneath the ocean tides and waves.

Amongst the devastating reported events of World War II and the remarkable experiences witnessed on the battlefield, there are accounts of seventeen bullets fired from enemy weapons that made contact with and were cushioned by the Bibles nestled in the pockets of soldiers. These astounding events serve as a fine reminder that simply owning a copy of the Bible has in-fact saved human lives in times of conflict and despair.

A Bible with a bullet wedged inside it, belonging to New Zealand World War I soldier Corporal William Henry Pimm, received a bid of $100,000 in a public auction held in 2010. The item ultimately sold for more.

* Allowing for the civic construction and layout of the typical western city; it can be speculated that a person is never more than thirty minutes away from a copy of the Holy Bible.

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Everything about The Bible
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Everything about The Bible

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