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Everything about the similarities between The Bible & The Quran

Everything about the similarities between The Bible & The Quran

Over fifty people identified in the Bible appear in the verses of The Quran.

What’s more, these similarities include many well-known events and revelations. The Biblical accounts typically contain descriptive verses, narrative detail, and appearing in sequential order, whilst The Quran accounts are presented as parables and moral teachings, often containing very little by way of detail.

Researchers, students, and avid readers of The Quran have been known to refer to the Bible to develop a more detailed picture of the person or event revealed in The Quran.

Many of the narratives contain the same significant figures and events; from the legendary conflict of David and Goliath (Dawud and Jalut in the Quran), historic leaders such as the iconic Moses, the great martyr, Jesus of Nazareth, and the wise king Solomon; to the brothers Cain and Abel (Qabil and Abel), and the lawless cities of Sodom and Gomorrah. And during earths darkest days when the entire world was engulfed by a great flood and humanity was compelled to start over, the story of Noah’s Ark, makes an appearance in The Holy Quran (Nuh and the flood).

The single most important similarity between biblical and Quran texts is that both books declare that the creation of the world was by a single almighty and all-powerful God. Once a person becomes even slightly familiar with both Holy books, the overall similarity found in the timeless stories, the moving poetry, meaningful ethical teachings, and rebuking, is really quite astounding. The awe and marvel of these similarities may be considered a revelation in itself.

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Everything about the similarities between The Bible & The Quran
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Everything about the similarities between The Bible & The Quran

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