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Everything about the Christian calendar

Everything about the Christian calendar

The Christian calendar, also known as the Gregorian calendar, or the Western calendar, is on a global scale, the most widely used civil calendar in existence.

This is a solar calendar governed by the orbital movement and position of the sun. A year consists of 12 months and 365 days, with an additional day added to the second month of February during a leap year.

A calendar year runs from 1 January to 31 December and a specific date within the calendar can be identified by name or by an order of numbers where the days of the month are numbered in sequence starting with the number one, for example; 01.05.2015 (day, month, and year).

A Christian calendar can be any Gregorian calendar with symbols, notations, and footnotes added to highlight certain important dates of the Christian religious year.

A Christian calendar can also be any Gregorian calendar used by churches to indicate the ‘church year’ which is called a “liturgical year”, for instance, this is used to observe what day Easter will fall on, as it is not always the same for every denomination of the church.

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Everything about the Christian calendar
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Everything about the Christian calendar

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