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Everything about the creation of earth & everything in The Bible

Everything about the creation of earth & everything in The Bible

The creation of earth and all forms of life is disclosed in the first book of the Bible. The title Genesis is taken from its first verse and means ‘beginning’. Genesis is the book of origins which describes the creation of the world by divine speech.

The creation consists of eight commands executed over a period of six days:

On the first day God created the light with the first sacred command. “Let there be light!” Luminosity and darkness are divided and the happening of day and night are named.

The second command is spoken on the second day and created another divide, “Let a firmament be...!” This order triggered the separation of the waters above ground from the waters below. The firmament is named skies.

On the third day two commands are spoken; the first calls for the waters below to be gathered together in one place and for dry land to appear. Earth and sea are named.

The forth command instructs the earth to bring forth grass, plants, and fruit-bearing trees.

On the fourth day the fifth command is spoken; glowing lights in the skies are created to signify the transition from day to night and reveal the time of day, the seasons, and years. Two great lights are also created: the greater light to govern the day and the dimmer light source at the night.

The fifth day God commands the oceans to "teem with living creatures", and the birds to fly across the heavens with the sixth command.

On the sixth day living creatures of all forms are brought forth with the seventh command.

The eighth and final command initiates the creation of man; moulded from the earth (and later, woman is formed from him).

On the seventh day, having completed the heavens and the earth, God rests from work and sanctifies the seventh day. The entirety of this creation in sequence is described as “very good”.

The book of origins answers many of life’s profound questions with reference to the beginning of life and the creation of everything.

The author of the book of Genesis is not identified within the text, although it is believed to be work of Moses.

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Everything about the creation of earth & everything in The Bible
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Everything about the creation of earth & everything in The Bible

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