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Everything about demonic possession and exorcism in The Bible

Everything about demonic possession and exorcism in The Bible

The censored act of exorcism is the casting out of a demon or several demonic spirits from a body of a person that is under the possession and intense demonic influence.

The exorcism is a clandestine and dangerous ritual performed using the unshakable faith, and power of Christ, in the name of God, and through the power of Christian prayer, and in some cases fasting (Mathew 10:1-8, Mark 6:7, Luke 9:1, 10:17).

The term exorcism became prominent in ancient Christianity from as early as the 2nd century. The individual member of the church qualified with the special skills to perform the ritual is known as an exorcist.

The tools of the exorcist include; bibles, icons, amulets, specific symbols, holy water, set formulas, specific gestures, and the power to summon angels, archangels, and the spirit of God, to intervene with the exorcism. In general, the unfortunate people who are possessed by demons are not regarded as evil themselves but merely the vessel of which the evil spirit is contained that contained.Exorcisms were performed by various people in the Gospel including Christ’s Disciples who helped victims of demonic possession (Mathew 10, Mark 9:38, Luke 11:18-19, Acts 16, Acts, 19:11-16).

The Disciples performed the exorcisms in the name of Jesus to show Christ’s dominion over demons (Luke 10:17), and to verify that their actions were performed with the authority of Jesus Christ.

The Bible does not inspire its readers to perform exorcisms. Such duties are reserved only for members of the church familiar with the spiritual battle, physical strain, mental exertion, and hazardous traumatic events associated with the ceremony.

* Readers of the bible are urged to protect themselves against demons, develop a spiritual armour to stand against demons (Ephesians 6:10-18), resist the devil (James), be careful of the devil’s ways (1 Peter 5:8), and not to welcome demonic customs. The knowledge of casting out demons is not imparted to the average reader or practising Christian.

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Everything about demonic possession and exorcism in The Bible
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Everything about demonic possession and exorcism in The Bible

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