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Everything about ethics in The Bible

Everything about ethics in The Bible

In the Bible, faith, kindness, respect, and self-discipline are expected, admired, and demanded.

There is great emphasis on forgiveness over punishment. This is the hallmark of Christianity. Idol worship and acts of wickedness are strictly condemned.

Reading the bible and becoming familiar with the four books of the Gospel is very much encouraged, while the difficult act of fasting is praised and highly valued.

Regular prayer at home and visits to the church for prayer are endorsed.

Religious counsel and community gatherings are promoted.

Donations of any kind (monetary, food, physical items, time, etc) are central to good living.

Murder is a cardinal sin and adultery a great wrongdoing.

The Bible is strict regarding human impulses and inward feelings.

Jesus Christ raised the bar by stating that whoever lusts in their heart is guilty of adultery, and whoever hates someone is guilty of murder.

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Everything about ethics in The Bible
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Everything about ethics in The Bible

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