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Everything about female circumcision in The Bible

Everything about female circumcision in The Bible

Practitioners of the circumcision of females consider it to be an integral part of their cultural and tribal identity.

Some practitioners and their participants also associate the ceremony to religious obligation. Some African rural communities and close-knit religious groups do insist on the practice of female circumcisions at present; these tribes, predominantly illiterate, and the religious leaders within these communities, include members of the Christian faith.

The Holy Bible makes no mention of female circumcision.

The act of female circumcision itself is not declared explicitly, neither does The Bible state the requirement of females to be circumcised or include any such passages naming any women, or certain women of influence who were themselves circumcised, endorsed, or encouraged the circumcision of females in any way.

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Everything about female circumcision in The Bible
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Everything about female circumcision in The Bible

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