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Everything about food and drink in The Bible

Everything about food and drink in The Bible

“Food is for the stomach and the stomach is for food”. (Corinthians 6: 13)

Food and drink communicate numerous messages in the Bible and indicate developments in scripture. Food restrictions are not to be confused with sins, but rather a guide to eating well.

The forbidden fruit consumed in the Garden of Eden, represents the vulnerability we all share when we choose to eat strange foods or devour substances that are offered to us. At the time of fasting Christians refrain from eating any or little food to attain spiritual nourishment. In the Bible, food is used to convey symbolic messages to the reader.

Meat is always at the centre of good meals and festive banquets and is a sign of being well fed. Food offerings are usually meat based and accompanied by a grain offering and a drink offering, preferably wine, but in some cases beer.

Barley is one of the most important foods in the Bible and consumed as porridge mainly.

Wheat is more valued and baked into bread.

The highly valued fruits include olives and dates, a good source of energy. Vegetables, beans, fruits and herbs and spices were abundant in biblical times and very well used.

No restrictions apply to the consumption of plants, animals however are divided into three groups:

animals on land, creatures in the water, and birds in the sky. Traditionally animals were either clean or unclean. The eating of horses, cockroaches, birds of prey, swine, animal fat, and the drinking of animal blood were all unhealthy practices in the Old Testament. However, the prophet Peter, in a vision, is scolded by God and commanded to no longer label Gods creations unclean. In modern Biblical texts all food is declared clean.

The best-known food related events are instantly recognizable in art and popular culture. The ‘last supper’ presents an everlasting image of how friends and enemies break bread together. The ‘feeding of the five thousand’ represents the importance of staple foods and how thousands can be unified or divided by their access to the most basic foods.

A Christian practice is to pray before every meal to bless the meal and express thankfulness to God.

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Everything about food and drink in The Bible
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Everything about food and drink in The Bible

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