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Everything about greed in The Bible

Everything about greed in The Bible

Greed is as old as the gospel.

The biblical view on how to cope with greed is unambiguous and contains one of the most legendary quotations about the endless desire for money and material things.

“The Love of money is the root of all evil”. (Timothy 6: 10)

The love of money and wealth, covered under ‘greed’, is one of the cardinal sins, a classification of the most objectionable moral weaknesses. If left unchecked, greed can develop into a fixation that can never be satisfied.

In the pursuit of success and riches it is possible for some to become blinded by their greed and use deception, fraud, and lies to acquire more material goods, at the expense of others.

Biblical passages caution against materialism, the friendship of those who profit from the greed of others, and those who forever desire what others possess.

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Everything about greed in The Bible
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Everything about greed in The Bible

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