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Everything about Holy water in The Bible

Everything about Holy water in The Bible

Holy water is simply clean water that is blessed by a member of the clergy or a religious figure.

It is used for spiritual cleansing in many religions but most notably in Christianity for the purpose of baptism, the blessing of persons of faith, places, objects, for protection against evil, and in rare cases, during exorcisms.

The Bible is largely silent about the various uses of holy water besides the mention of baptising with blessed water for repentance (Matthew 3:11), and using blessed water to purify the spiritually unclean (Leviticus 15, 17:15).

Historically the water used for the sacrament of baptism was fresh flowing water from the sea or river but the blessings performed today are applied to flowing or still water. In some churches, especially catholic churches, holy water is permanently located at the entrance of the church in vessels known as stoups and fonts, occasionally holy water vessels are located in a separate room called the baptistery.

In some churches the water is blessed on the first of each lunar month and sprinkled over the patrons as they enter the church. In the Middle-Ages the power of Holy Water was believed to be so potent that the establishment of Archbishop Edmund Rich, proposed that holy water be kept under lock and key.

Lockable covers were constructed and fitted to holy water stoups at church entrances to prevent the theft of holy water for unauthorised uses such as practices of magic and witchcraft. The significance of holy water in the fight against evil has permanently influenced the world of fiction and make-believe as a powerful tool used to ward off or destroy mythical creatures such as blood-sucking vampires and frightening ghouls.

* Modern hygiene concerns have added technology to the distribution of Holy Water. Automated holy water machines exist to dispense holy water to the masses without the possibility of cross contamination. These machines have become quite popular.

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Everything about Holy water in The Bible
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Everything about Holy water in The Bible

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