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Everything about Jesus in The Bible

Everything about Jesus in The Bible

Jesus is the supreme figure of Christianity. He founded the church, performed miracles, and rose from the dead.

In modern terminology the word ‘Christ’ refers explicitly to Jesus of Nazareth. By and large Christians await the second coming of Jesus, when the remainder of the messianic prophesies will be fulfilled.

Jesus is one of the three divine elements that make up the Holy Trinity: the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. Jesus began his public ministry of teaching and miracles at ‘about thirty years of age’. He spoke in proverbs and tales, banished demons, defended the oppressed, and taught about the kingdom of God. His ministry was shorted lived, lasting approximately three years.

The four gospels combined are the main sources of the biography of Christ: covering his nativity, mission, death sentence, and resurrection, as a fulfilment of the prophecies found in the Old Testament. At the height of his ministry, Jesus led twelve male disciples and attracted crowds of thousands, mostly in the areas of Galilee and Perea. His sermons and long discourses focused on service and modesty, forgiveness of sin, faith, turning the other cheek, love for friends and enemies, and upholding the law. He reached out to the poor, the Samaritans, and to foreigners, and making a point of speaking to sinners, because it is the sick that need physicians, not the healthy.

Jesus visited Jerusalem during the Passover festival and enjoyed the Passover feast with his disciples. His tone soon changed into a farewell speech and talk of betrayal by one of his own, which would lead to his execution. Later on, in a nearby garden Jesus is ambushed by temple guards, Judas Iscariot is there to identify him to the guards with a kiss, and he is arrested. The Jewish leaders turn him over to Pilate for execution, but Pilate is reluctant to act and Pilate's wife, tormented by a dream, urges him not to take part in sentencing the prophet. Pilate renounces all responsibility and sends Jesus to Herod Antipas. Jesus is found guilty of treason and crucified. He died before late afternoon at Calvary. The Gospels tell of the darkening of the sky from twelve until three that afternoon. Jesus rose from the dead on the Sunday.

After his miraculous resurrection, he commands his apostles to "make disciples of all nations”.

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Everything about Jesus in The Bible
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Everything about Jesus in The Bible

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